Marine and Offshore


Helkama is specializing in development and production of marine and offshore cables. Our experience in this field goes back more than fifty years.

Our high technical quality has been achieved by continuous development work supported by our clients.


MonarkDiesel GmbH & Co. KG was founded in Hamburg in 1951. We specialise in precision-made injection equipment and have been supplying several leading car and engine manufacturers for many decades.

High quality work is our leading task. All MD manufacturing processes act in accordance with the standards of the quality-management-system ISO 9001:2000.


Kobelt is a Canadian-based manufacturing company, with over 50 years of experience developing and producing high quality products for the marine and industrial sectors.

Kobelt has an extensive history of innovation and product development and works with a wide variety of regulatory and classification requirements around the world for system certifications and approvals.


Littelfuse Selco products are known to be of high quality and reliability and comply with the demands from all major marine classification societies as well as I.E.C. standards.

The products are inspected by a highly skilled and qualified personnel. All equipment undergoes fifty hours of burn-in before final test and inspection.


SAN GIORGIO S.E.I.N. designs and manufactures since 1960 a very wide range of sensors, instruments and automation systems for naval, industrial and military applications.


Georg Schlegel GmbH & Co. KG is a leading manufacturer of control devices, pilot lights and terminal blocks for electrical control systems. The product range also includes film and short stroke, housing, limit switches, control panels and function blocks.

The products are used in all types of machinery, especially machine tools, instrument panels for elevators, ships and special vehicles, control panels, but also in control panels of swimming pools, shopping centers or office buildings – in short, wherever a procedure is started by pressing a button.


WAGO components used in shipbuilding are put to the test in the most punishing operating environments. For example, constant vibrations, shock loads, extreme temperature cycling and severe humidity continuously assault the components placed in a ship’s engine room. Still, WAGO components meet ever-increasing demands for electromagnetic compatibility day in and day out, year after year.



Vacon is driven by a passion to develop, manufacture and sell the best AC drives and inverters in the world – and provide customers with efficient product life cycle services.

Our AC drives offer optimum process control and energy efficiency for electric motors. Vacon inverters play a key role when energy is produced from renewable sources.



When one is to buy a boat or a yacht – it is not only about how good its interior and exterior design is but most importantly what equipment and machinery it has to keep it running at its best.
That is why when we first started this company – we thought it is best to offer our customers “top of the range”. Having the right pumps, fans and water pressure systems helps us ensure our customers are not going to get into strife when they are cruising around diverse parts of the world.



IMET is first and foremost a team. It is a combination of a number of individuals who pool their talents to succeed by creating innovative products. Each day presents them with new opportunities to improve in terms of quality and design skills. IMET’s radio control devices are designed to operate equipment remotely using radio waves as a means of transmission.

In addition to their extreme reliability, their major distinguishing features are safety, productivity and freedom of movement. They are used in situations where it is essential that the operator, either for safety reasons or ease of use, is not restricted by a control console; or to control lifting machines, concrete mixers and pumps, industrial cranes, ecc…