MonarkDiesel GmbH & Co. KG was founded in Hamburg in 1951. We specialise in precision-made injection equipment and have been supplying several leading car and engine manufacturers for many decades.

High quality work is our leading task. All MD manufacturing processes act in accordance with the standards of the quality-management-system ISO 9001:2000.


SAN GIORGIO S.E.I.N. designs and manufactures since 1960 a very wide range of sensors, instruments and automation systems for naval, industrial and military applications.


WAGO products are used in production systems in the automotive industry in order to guarantee the greatest degree of availability.

Even a short downtime in the automotive industry means a significant breakdown of production and thus fewer vehicles sold at the end of the day. Therefore, service demands maintenance-free connection technology!

Screwless connection technology has proven itself under even the harshest conditions, including vibration and shock loads.



IMET is first and foremost a team. It is a combination of a number of individuals who pool their talents to succeed by creating innovative products. Each day presents them with new opportunities to improve in terms of quality and design skills. IMET’s radio control devices are designed to operate equipment remotely using radio waves as a means of transmission.

In addition to their extreme reliability, their major distinguishing features are safety, productivity and freedom of movement. They are used in situations where it is essential that the operator, either for safety reasons or ease of use, is not restricted by a control console; or to control lifting machines, concrete mixers and pumps, industrial cranes, ecc…