Transportation Industry

Lifting & Moving

Founded by team of professionals PORTAL Machinery Services is a company offering quality comprehensive maintenance and repair solutions for all kind of port operation's machines. Thanks to our team of experienced workman ship PMS delivers in time at high level service for; Body Works, Paint Jobs, Tire Service, Batteries, Crane refit & Repair, Marine Services, Diesel Engines, Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Electrical and Electronics.

Crane Refit and Repair

Portal Machinery provides 360 solutions for crane maintenance and repairs. Together with our partners, we have delivered to our customers a number of retrofits vering from simple to complex task. Our Engineers have collaborations with International brands such as ABB Etc. to offer comprehensive lifting solutions, upgrades, repairs for port and Building machinery.

The Garage

Based at the heart of the petrolia's transportation and cargo handling local industry; our well equipped facility in Hal-Far can take any kind of machines/truck for maintenance, repair or refit.